Autumn has arrived

and has stipped bare

the hiding places of summer,

those dark green recesses of cool thought,

are now just imagined.

Gone is the fragmentry observation

of the outside world

of glinting lights picked out

through branches swayed

with  shape and colour

as the leaves flowed and eddied

and turned with the sun

giving the sanctuary of a sail at sea.

Keeping watch,

shaded from the observed

There is little now, in the way of cover

to mask


I stand.

Those swathes and veils that softened the outlines

obscuring so much

now lie

In wind blown mounds of rotting gold.

Their left behind tracery of sinews

dark against the sky

shiver at every spin of the wind

desperately waving their naked lace

for all to see.

Time to draw closer within

seeking sanctuary

which for now

lies away from the light




Autumn has arrived

we await winter.

Former Picture Editor. Now a sometime photographer and poet.

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